Subject: 'options single-request' support in c-ares?

'options single-request' support in c-ares?

From: Trey Duskin <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 16:37:31 -0500


Is there currently any support in c-ares for the 'options single-request'
option in resolver.conf? ( We are trying to
use libcurl for our system which could potentially be deployed behind some
restrictive firewalls, and the way that glibc sends parallel A and AAAA
queries from the same source port will cause an eventual timeout. The
'option single-request' config option is supposed to fix this (sending the
two requests from two different source ports) for the system resolver, and
it does, but for anything using libcurl (e.g. curl command-line, pycurl),
the parallel queries come from the same source port, and we're stuck with
the timeout. Can an option be set in c-ares to control this behavior?

Thanks in advance,
*Trey Duskin*
Received on 2012-12-10