ares_set_sortlist - Initialize an ares_channel_t *sortlist configuration


#include <ares.h>
int ares_set_sortlist(ares_channel_t *channel, const char *sortstr)


The ares_set_sortlist function initializes an address sortlist configuration for the channel data identified by channel, so that addresses returned by ares_gethostbyname are sorted according to the sortlist. The provided sortstr string that holds a space separated list of IP-address-netmask pairs. The netmask is optional but follows the address after a slash if present. For example, "".

This function replaces any potentially previously configured address sortlist with the ones given in the configuration string.

Return values

ares_set_sortlist may return any of the following values:

ARES_SUCCESS The sortlist configuration was successfully initialized.

ARES_ENOMEM The process's available memory was exhausted.

ARES_ENODATA The channel data identified by channel was invalid.

ARES_ENOTINITIALIZED c-ares library initialization not yet performed.

See also

ares_init_options(3), ares_dup(3)


ares_set_sortlist(3) was added in c-ares 1.11.0

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